Used for most communication between members, general info and discussion. Has different channels for teams, productions and more.

Go to YSTV Slack

We use slack for most of our communication. When you sign up, make sure to use your email address.

YSTV Slack

If you are not familiar with Slack, it’s quite similar to Discord in its layout, if you have used that. Discussions are organised into channels and private messages. When you first join, you will likely just see the one channel on the left of your screen - #general. This is where announcements and general discussions about YSTV usually go.

Add Channels

You can click the ‘Add channels’ button and choose ‘Browse all channels’. This will show you all the other channels that you can join. We have ones related to the different teams, #production, #tech and #computing, and you will also see some for current productions being worked on, these usually start with #prod- to make them easier to find. Feel free to join any you are interested in.

Direct Messages

You will also see a ‘Direct messages’ section, this allows you fin find any member of our Slack and send them a personal message. This is useful if you want to get in touch with the producer of a particular production, or need help from someone. Feel free to message anyone using this, especially the committee, and we are very happy to help you out!

If you have any problems with Slack, please contact the Computing Team.