Sound Operator (pre-rec)

The sound operator is in charge of making sure that the audio that is being used for the project is of a good quality, both during production and post-production.

The role of the sound operator is ensuring that all audio that is recorded for a project is the best possible quality, as if the audio is bad, then it may take away the importance of the project as the audience won’t be able to understand what is being said on-screen.

Being a sound operators need to assess which kind of sound equipment will be needed for the project - i.e. LAV mics, hand-held mics or a boom - and then they will have to discuss their suggestions with the producer who can then tell the tech team.

Whilst filming, the sound op will be in charge of setting up sound equipment and checking that they are at the correct levels at all times during the filming process. After filming, the sound operator may want to assist with editing the sound during the edit, as they will have the most knowledge about what was recorded during the day and can make sure that everything is still sounding good.


  • Having a good understanding of the equipment that is being used and sound editing software

  • Knowing the correct dB levels for all audio recordings

  • Being organised and prepared for when things don’t go to plan - always have a back-up recording