Presenter (pre-rec)

The presenter is essentially the face of the piece, they are the person on-screen who leads the projects.

The role of the presenter is to help narrate the project in whichever way is needed, whether that be through interviews, voice-overs or walk-through sections. This being said, the presenter should have great people/communication skills in order to really achieve the best results when asking questions to people that are being featured in the project, in order to make sure that everyone is as comfortable as possible when filming. It is also important that a presenter is enthusiastic and passionate about the topics that they are talking about, as this will really drive the project into looking and sounding entertaining and interesting.

Furthermore, presenters are often given the task of coming up with a script ahead of filming - this may just be some questions and an intro/outro, but nevertheless it’s always good to come prepared. The producer/director will often have the final say over scripts, but it’s always helpful to have your own ideas to put forward as it shows your interest in the topic.


  • Writing short scripts and working with the producer/director on them

  • Ensuring that people being interviewed are as comfortable as possible

  • Being on time and professional at all times

  • Being enthusiastic about what you’re talking about