Social Media & Marketing (Live)

The role of Marketing is a role that, effectively, does what it says on the tin - marketing YSTV; who we are, what we’re about, our content, and our opportunities. To do this requires help from our 3 primary social platforms: Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter (oh, how I love Twitter!). Through these, the Marketer’s aim is to post content that is relevant and engaging. Updates on productions in the works, teasers for upcoming releases, clips of content from days of old.

All of this aims to keep a healthy engagement with an audience, our audience. Engaging is key, and ensuring YSTV is visible, and accessible, to all is a Marketer’s top priority.

The Head of Marketing is also responsible for merchandising. The jumpers, the totes, those strange little bangles that people NEVER take off. What items are bought is important, as, once again, ensuring the YSTV brand is loud and clear is crucial - but, not just to those on the outside. Merchandise also affects us, the YSTV-ers. Making sure our members feel included is something that’s a top priority; we want them to feel proud that they are part of this media organisation - and what better way to do that with a big, yellow jumper!


  • Monitoring all social media accounts.

  • Keeping content frequent, but primarily, engaging. (and is spelt correctly!)

  • Consistently checking on direct messages; has anyone reached out to us? Want to get in touch?

  • Regular checking of your YSTV emails, ensuring no email is missed!

  • Keep in the loop with upcoming productions; you need to know what is dropping and when, so you can have a post prepared.

  • Creating YouTube thumbnails for content.

  • Be familiar with Adobe Premier, Photoshop, and Illustrator - all of these tools will come in handy when Marketing.

  • Merchandise orders: you are responsible for choosing what items are on offer (ie: a hoodie, sweatshirt).

  • Collect the orders of, and payment for, YSTV members' merchandise. (NB: usually an order is put through at the start of every term.)

Have FUN with it! Don’t be dull - engage!