Presenter (Live)

Going live in 3… 2… 1…. is the scariest thing you’ll ever hear. But stay calm, you’ve got this.

Presenting a live broadcast is more than looking pretty and having a good smile (which, I must admit, I have - my instagram is available on request).

From the second you welcome us in, it is your job to hold the show together, and keep it all on track. It’s a tricky one, cause, to the audience, you’re all smiles - whilst in your ear, through something we call ‘talkback’, the director is shouting at you to ‘get a move on!’. So, being able to maintain a calmness helps - as, don’t forget, we are LIVE. Things will go wrong. Maybe a VT didn’t play, or the sounds gone all funny - either way, being good under pressure, thinking on your feet, and being able to compose yourself, fast, helps; after all, the show must go on!

Often with live broadcasts, we will have guests; some of whom you may have to interview. Be friendly, polite, maybe a little cheeky (depending on the interview’s tone!), but keep in mind that it is your task to get the good stuff out from our guest - in other words, the stuff the audience wants to see/ hear. Make sure you have a good few questions prepared beforehand, this could be on cue cards, or on a sheet of paper. Being familiar with who the guests are is crucial, as, if you know they’re a MASSIVE swimming fanatic, then you can prepare loads of questions about swimming, rather than turning up with 17 questions on the economy.

Good questions will get your guest talking making it feel more natural to us at home!

You also must keep the show on time! Be familiar with the running order. The running order tells us what is happening, when it is happening, and for how long. Knowing how much time you have is key, as you’d hate to cut your guest off.

Primarily, presenting a live broadcast is all about ENERGY. If you’re putting 101% into it, then the audience will be paying 102% attention - which, let’s be honest, is what we want.


  • Engage with your audience: be friendly, excited, as if you want to be there. 100% enthusiasm.

  • Try not to swear - it can look a little naff.

  • Before going LIVE, be familiar with the show’s running order: what is happening, who is coming on, what should you be prepared for?

  • Keep hold of the show’s timings: be your own director. Keep an eye out for those on the floor, or those in your ear - how long have you got? Do you need to speed up?

  • Be prepared! Get your questions ready, know your guests, practise what you’re going to say.

  • CONFIDENCE IS KEY. Head up, shoulders back, you’ve got this!

  • Things will go wrong. But, hey, it’s all about the recovery. Keep going.

  • Stay calm, and… S M I L E.