Live Highlights Editor (Live)

A live highlights editor is most commonly found during sporting events such as Roses and other university competitions.

This role will require you to be on the ball with what’s happening at the event while simultaneously editing so that the audience watching can see what’s just happened. Found during sporting events like the world cup or TV shows such as strictly-come-dancing live highlights allow us to see the best goals or most extravagant dance moves immediately after they’ve just happened.

Speed is the aim of the game as the edit turn around will have to be quick to stream after the event or post to social media where people can share what’s just happened on their screens. Knowing how to utilize in areas such as slow-motion, colour correction and graphics will be important to create the best highlights.

  • Fast editor

  • Patient

  • Good sense of observation

  • Good at communication with the producer of the event.

  • Coherent with style and pacing.