Graphics / VFX Designer

With more innovative ideas being produced someone needs to make them come to life, this can be the job of a VFX artist.

Starting off with a graphics designer, much like a designer in publication and web development it’s their job to demonstrate information through a digestible visual form. Using programs such as Adobe After Effects or Adobe Animate you would have to create lower-thirds, diagrams, title cards or score sheets all of which can be predominantly found on factual television or gameshow style shows.

On the other hand a VFX artist makes the impossible possible. Working in programs such as Adobe After Effects and Blender it is their job to make portals to other dimensions, dinosaurs roam the earth or guns fire. These effects can now be found across media from television to blockbuster film.

  • Understand software

  • Know how to create and understand a creative image

  • Communicate to a production director

  • Stick to deadlines

  • Open minded about different projects