The editor is the most important part of any production, they can change the project in any way possible and shape it to fit a tone, aesthetic and genre.

As an editor you will be tasked to combine and splice up footage in order to make a coherent program, film or content. The style of edit depends on how it’s made and the intended approach by the producer or director. You will have to work closely with the heads of the production team in order to fit their desired image of the final outcome.

You will have to know the in’s and out’s of post-production software such as Premiere Pro in order to make the project come to life. You will also have to work to a schedule to make sure the content can be uploaded and premiered in time.

Your edits will also go through vigorous feedback in order to make sure the content is consistent across the station and follows our policies of publication. We will also give helpful tips and tricks in order to help with the editing process.

  • Learn and Understand editing software

  • Consistent with uploads

  • Good at communication

  • Understands creative differences

  • Can view somone elses artistic intentions